In June of 2004, I saw an absolutely extraordinary documentary, Rivers and Tides . Its subject is an English artist, Andy Goldsworthy, who works almost entirely with found natural materials, like leaves and thorns and ice, and creates utterly beautiful pieces, some of which only last for hours or even minutes.

The film got me thinking about what a fascinating word ephemeral is and our assumptions about the worth of ephemera. And then I had the possibly addled idea to do a series of drabbles centred around the idea of the ephemeral. These are those drabbles, set in almost every fandom I write in.

Some are slash, some are gen, some are ambiguous and I leave it to the reader to determine which are which. All of them are about the ephemeral in some way, though none use the actual word.

Ephemera 1
LotR. Boromir leaves Gondor to seek Imladris.
Ephemera 2
MFU. Illya muses on identity.
Ephemera 3
Blake's 7. Post Orbit, Vila wonders what he can depend on.
Ephemera 4
LotRiPS. Sean faces the coming of winter.
Ephemera 5
Pros. Doyle finds unexpected emotions in a firefight.
Ephemera 6
Starsky & Hutch. Hutch loses faith. But what about Starsky?
Ephemera 7
LotR. Aragorn considers the measure of Boromir.
Ephemera 8
LotR. Boromir considers the future.