Professionals Slash

My Golden Afternoon with the Grim Reaper (40 KB)
Bodie finds himself in a proper English garden with a rather unusual companion.
Winner, 2001 Stiffie Award, Best Story, Miscellaneous Fandoms
Phoenix Rising (100 KB)
The unthinkable happens. Or does it?
Rain (6 KB)
Written for the 2005 A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words challenge. This year's theme was Threes. The prompt pic appears at the beginning of the story.
Leaving (4 KB)
Doyle leaves CI5. A quintuple drabble written for the_safehouse movie quote challenge. My quote: "Have I ever broken a promise to you? Have I ever once said I'd be somewhere and not shown up?" Slaughtery, 25th Hour
Liars and Saints (8 KB)
Bodie may not be a saint, but he's certainly a liar. A triple drabble written for the_safehouse book title challenge. My title: "Liars and Saints" by Maile Meloy.
Secrets (4 KB)
What happened after the last scene in Where the Jungle Ends. A sextuple drabble written for the_safehouse missing scene challenge.
Tempted (12 KB)
Written for the_safehouse quotation challenge. My quotation was Oscar Wilde's "I couldn't help it. I can resist everything except temptation." What can I say? Smut resulted.
The Sweat of His Brow (12 KB)
An op during a heat wave calls up unpleasant memories for Doyle. Written for the_safehouse sweat challenge.
Velvet and Silk (16 KB)
Doyle's attire arouses uncomfortable feelings for Bodie. Written for the_safehouse quote challenge. My quote: "How can you dress like that and not feel queer?" from Tipping the Velvet by Sarah Waters.
Warning: Here be smut.
Mucky Fingers (8 KB)
Written for yet another quote challenge at the_safehouse. My quote: "People like to touch the goods." Fashionably Late, Olivia Goldsmith. Banter ensued. Thanks to those crazy Oasis lads for the title.
Such a Long Journey (18 KB)
Written for the first pre96 challenge. My prompt: "Your characters are looking for something while on a journey."
Rage and Fury (7 KB)
Written for yet another quote challenge at the_safehouse. My quote: "You and whose army, mate."
Lost Souls (10 KB)
Written for the_safehouse Chicken and Egg Challenge, wherein participants were given a character and an object. I was given Tommy and a photograph.
Warning: Death story.
Evasive Manoeuvres (16 KB)
Written for the_safehouse Dictionary Challenge, wherein each participant was given three words. My words were hate, habit and homosexual.
Early Days (1 KB)
Written for the fanfic100 Beginnings prompt. Drabble.
Communication (1 KB)
Written for the fanfic100 Middles prompt. Drabble.
Calling It Quits (1 KB)
Written for the fanfic100 Endings prompt. Drabble.
Christmas Wishes (12 KB)
Written for the_safehouse Christmas Challenge. My prompt was tinsel.
The Comfort and Joy Cycle
Comfort and Joy was written for the 2006 santa_pros secret santa exchange. (My giftee was the lovely blktauna.) Making Plans and Family Secrets came to me after the fact.
Making Plans for Bodie (6 KB)
Comfort and Joy (12 KB)
Family Secrets (10 KB)
Purgatory (6 KB)
Written for the 2006 A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words challenge. This year's theme was The Four Seasons. I drew spring. The prompt pic appears at the beginning of the story.
Love's Progress (6 KB)
Five pairs of drabbles written for the 2006 Stages of Love challenge. Each drabble set portrays a different stage of love: attraction, romance, passion, intimacy and commitment.
Cold Spell (8 KB)
Written for Josey's National Curriculum Geography challenge. My prompts were forest, Scotland and bagpipes.
An Old Married Couple (7 KB)
Bodie and Doyle act like...well, you get the idea.
Weapons of Choice (14 KB)
Five linked stories written for the 2006 Stages of Love Trouble in Paradise theme, where each bit represents a different stage in a troubled relationship: Jealousy, First Fight, Break-up, Reconciliation, Make-up.
Light of Day (72 KB)
Investigating charges of corruption, Bodie and Doyle go undercover in Wormwood Scrubs. Written for the Summer of 78 challenge.
Captivated (15 KB)
A small confection, written for Justacat's birthday, 2006.
Stop and Start (19 KB)
Sometimes things have to stop before they can get started. Written for faramir_boromir, who won my writing services in the Sweet Charity fan auction.