Being an archive of stories based on characters played by Sean Bean and Viggo Mortensen

Warning: Here be slash.

Lord of the Rings (Aragorn/Boromir)

Sunshine in His Eyes
Aragorn and Boromir share a bitter-sweet interlude in Lothlorien.
And in the End
For the contrelamontre line of poetry challenge.
Th'Expense of Spirit
A companion piece to And in the End
Aragorn has no time to grieve.
Love and Sacrifice
As the first Winter Solstice after the War of the Ring approaches, King Elessar can find no peace.
The End of Days (Drabble)
For the lotrips100 "Fear" challenge. Boromir faces the end.
The Return of Hope (Drabble)
Also for the lotrips100 "Fear" challenge. A companion piece to The End of Days
Destiny's Call
Arwen recognizes the connection between the future King and his Steward's heir. Part 1 of the Destiny series.
Destiny's Rise
Boromir submits to his destiny. Part 2 of the Destiny series.
Destiny's Fall
Aragorn finds that destiny is a double-edged blade. Part 3 of the Destiny series.
In Memory Yet Green
King Elessar would have his people remember their fallen dead. Written out of frustration with how fast everyone seems to forget Boromir's sacrifice.
A Light in the Dark (Drabble)
For the tolkien_weekly "black" challenge. Aragorn is Boromir's light in the dark.
Blood Song (Drabble)
For the tolkien_weekly "history of violence" challenge. Boromir's past defines him.
Mithrandir's Regard
Gandalf considers Boromir's childhood and the man he has grown into.
Originally published in the zine, Warriors of Gondor.
Warning: Gen!
Chance Encounter (New)
An act of adolescent rebellion may spell mortal danger for Boromir, until a mysterious ranger intervenes.
Originally published in the zine, Warriors of Gondor 2.
Warning: Gen! (Well, I consider it pre-slash, actually.)

Other Characters (A lot of Sean; a smattering of Viggo)

Dark of Night (Sharpe/Harper)
Patrick Harper watches over his wounded Captain.
Remembrance (Bond Fic: Alec/James)
James' thoughts at the end of GoldenEye
Traitor's Gate (Bond Fic: Alec/James)
Alec backs James up at the Tower of London.
Firsts (Bond Fic: Alec/James)
There are many firsts in a relationship.
Judas Kiss (Bond Fic: Alec/James)
Who commits treason is all a matter of point of view.
Remember Me (Equilibrium: Partridge/Preston)
For the contrelamontre white challenge, though other colours make guest appearances.
In the movie Equilibrium, Sean Bean plays Partridge, Christian Bale plays Preston and all emotion has been outlawed.
Rules of Attraction (Equilibrium: Partridge/Preston)
Patridge explores his attraction to Preston.
The Rake's Descent (Clarissa/The Prophecy: Lovelace/Lucifer)
Sean Bean played Lovelace in a Beeb adaptation of Richardson's novel; Viggo Mortensen played Lucifer in The Prophecy.
NC-17 for sexual violence.


An Additional Disclaimer: The stories below are not the usual FPS (Fictional Person Slash) but instead are RPS (Real Person Slash). Such stories are the products of my own fevered imagination and are not meant to make any factual claims about these actors. If you are uncomfortable with RPS, don't read it or get thee gone somewhere else, but do not harass or bother the webmistress.

My very first RPS story. Sean has left; Viggo waits.
Intimations of Mortality
Viggo has something to show Sean.
Just Another Day's Work
Sean is shaken by the Amon Hen scene.
Just Another One Night Stand
Sequel to Just Another Day's Work.
Has Sean given away too much?
Five Minutes
Five interconnected drabbles.
Gut Reaction (Drabble)
For the lotrips100 "visceral" challenge.
Breaching the Walls (Drabble)
For the lotrips100 "relinquish" challenge.
Fade Away (Drabble)
For the lotrips100 random quote challenge.
Brothers in Arms (Drabble)
For the lotrips100 historical period challenge.
Tempus Fugit
For the contrelamontre character development challenge.
Madness (Drabble)
For the lotrips100 movie challenge.
The Watcher (Drabble)
A quiet observer sees something unexpected. Inspired by a challenge meme.
Full Spectrum (Drabble)
For milochka's Rugbytackle Anagram challenge.
Season's Cycle
Changes of seasons see changes of other sorts.