Wild Wild West Slash

The Night of the Talented Thespian (75 KB)
Artie uses his acting talent to do more than just complete a mission.
The Nights of Yellow Jack (70 KB)
Jim and Artie are sent on assignment in New Orleans in the middle of a yellow fever epidemic.
The Terrible Doubt of Appearances (120 KB)
A young Artemus Gordon and an even younger Jim West meet during the Civil War.
Winner, 2001 Stiffie Award, Best Story, Wild Wild West
Honourable Mention, 2001 Fan Q Award, Best Story, Wild Wild West
Words, Words, Words (12 KB)
Jim can face madmen and danger, but can he talk to Artie about what's really important?
The Night of the Fenian Folly (53 KB)
When Artie disappears while undercover with a Fenian force invading Canada, Jim has to save him.
The Night of the Opium Den (54 KB)
Miguelito Loveless devises a new and terrifying challenge for Jim and Artie in a San Francisco opium den.
Winner, 2004 Fan Quality Award, Best Story, Wild Wild West
Winnner, 2004 SCREWZ Award, Best Story, Wild Wild West

The Night of the Easter Blizzard (40 KB)
Jim is caught by an unexpected blizzard, even as Artie is being held captive by an old enemy.
Where the Road Takes You (36 KB)
When Washington politics and corruption become more than he can take, Artie decides to leave the Secret Service.

Note: All stories are also available in the Gentlemen Never Tell zines.